11 June, 2010


“The sky opened up and stared down at me, blinked. Go away and stopped looking at me with your prying eye.”


Digital Ages

7 April, 2010

I am 01%?5555.
I am 155&&*84.
I am #+111005.


Speed Me Up

1 April, 2010

Acceleration beyond digital means,
Crossed talk traffic at the lights,
Fiber, fibre, glass pieces willing,
Zoom me up to microscopic land.


QR Me; I am diGita7

9 March, 2010

258 91 76 43

the Mystery of nuMbeRs

spinning aWay my conscience

258 91 76 43


Type, Typing, Typed

3 March, 2010

There is a Time and Space for All to be In

If i could type, If i could read, If i could write;
on what topic shalt it be?

the whispering of the drills hovering over my roof top, accompanied by the distance humming of excavators in motions, loosening the soil that had been sitting in its place for ages galore, whilst i sit here at the 23rd floor, typing with my eyes closed.

for i do not need to see the words to hear them, they are in my mind, and my fingers are their vehicles, the vehicle for the words.
i do not look at the screen nor the keyboard, with intent, for they would scare the words away.

and thus, the typing stopped when i looked at them, reading them, scaring them away.


variation; 微妙

26 January, 2010

难道在这些问题的存在之于, 我们渴望的只不过如此?

a tremor, a wave, alphas.
drop of a pin, flap of a wing, un-knowing



28 December, 2009

Lies in the eyes of the believer.
“this is real, not because I see it, hear it, touch it, or even feel it.”